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One person can make a difference. "The Work of 1000" tells the story of Marion Stoddart, who mobilized clean-up of one of America's most polluted rivers – for herself, for her community, and for future generations – and, in doing so, became a citizen leader honored by the United Nations.

This program, a 30-minute film complemented by a personal talk with Marion herself, provides a gripping profile of an ordinary citizen who realized her power to make a difference.

Civic, educational, and professional organizations are using this program to build leadership skills and give people confidence that they can make a difference in crucial social issues.


How It Works

1) Select a Date & Secure a Venue for Your Program

Download our Program Planning Toolkit with step-by-step instructions for making your program a success.

You'll need a DVD player, projector, and blank wall or screen. You'll want to be sure your venue can be made very dark.

laptop-screem2) Apply Online for the Program

Use our online Program Application Form, download a Work of 1000 Tour Packet and mail in the application or call Susan Edwards at 978-433-5697. You are welcome to plan your program for any day through May 31, 2013. We will respond to each request as promptly as possible; please allow 2–3 days for processing.

Your program fee will cover Marion's honorarium, the Public Exhibition DVD, and the downloadable Learning Resouces, including our service leadership handbook, Commit.

people-standing3) Build Partnerships, Promote Your Program, and Energize!

Go to our Resources Page to download templates to help you promote your program. Download our comprehensive Learning Resources for use in schools, colleges, women's leadership programs, living rooms, and board rooms.

Program Fee

Marion's university, conference, and school fee is $2200 a day plus travel and hotel expenses (negotiable for local appearances and for environmental and civic groups).

A day consists of two presentations (a screening followed by a talk and Q&A with Marion). Marion will also participate in a breakout session, a reception, a meal function, or a book/DVD signing if appropriate.

Marion particularly enjoys speaking with groups that are focused on teaching advocacy skills that will lead to positive action around solving critical social and environmental issues.

Contact Us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 978-433-5697 for details.