Award-winning Documentary Marion Stoddart: The Work of 1000
To Screen at the Boston International Film Festival

Inspirational film chronicles clean-up of one of America's most polluted rivers by citizen hero

Boston, Massachusetts–Marion Stoddart: The Work of 1000, a film by Susan Edwards and Dorie Clark, has been named an "Official Selection" at the Boston International Film Festival, and will be screening on April 18, 2012 at 2:30pm. The film tells the inspiring story of how Marion Stoddart, a self-described ordinary woman, was able to accomplish the extraordinary in mobilizing environmental remediation of the Nashua River—once one of the 10 most-polluted rivers in America—which flows through north central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.

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Stoddart, who has been honored by the United Nations Environmental Programme's Global 500 Award and National Geographic for her work as a pioneer of environmental activism, is a citizen leader committed to a lifetime of grassroots organizing and coalition building. Beginning in the early 1960s, she drove the massive citizen effort to clean up the Nashua River, providing a model for effective leadership and advocacy that we can use to drive positive change in the world today.

"The story of Marion Stoddart inspires others to realize that they can make a dramatic impact on the wellbeing of their own communities," said Lisa Wong, Mayor of Fitchburg, MA, who is also interviewed in the film. "She is an outstanding citizen role model for environmental leadership and civic engagement, not just in the Massachusetts community but across the country and around the world," added Wong.

"We are thrilled that Marion's story has been able to reach thousands of people thus far, and we are honored to bring the film to the Greater Boston audience through this highly-respected film festival," said Susan Edwards, one of the filmmakers. "The Work of 1000 is a compelling look at the universal struggle to find meaning in our lives and truly shows the impact that one person can have on the world."

The goal of the Boston International Film Festival is to encourage and support the work of worldwide independent filmmakers and to promote their products as an art concept and as a valuable contribution to world understanding. The film will screen one time only: at the AMC Theatre on the Boston Common, 175 Tremont Street Boston, MA, on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 2:30pm. Marion Stoddart will be in attendance, along with filmmakers Susan Edwards and Dorie Clark.

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Recognition for Stoddart and the Film

In recognition of her work, Marion has received many awards including the United Nations Environmental Programme's Global 500 Award (1987). She was also profiled in National Geographic (1995) and in an award-winning children's book, A River Ran Wild by Lynne Cherry; she was a National Women's History Project Honoree as "One of the Women Taking the Lead to Save our Planet" (2009); and has just published an essay in Written In Water by the National Geographic Society (2010). The documentary film has garnered praise around the world, including Best Short Film at the Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival in New Zealand; Best Documentary Short at the Rivers' Edge Festival in Paducah, KY; AT&T Award for Environmental Conservation and Stewardship; Projecting Change Award in Vancouver Canada; Speak Out Award at the 44th Annual Humbolt Film Festival, Arcata, CA; Best Call to Action Film at the Green Screen Environmental Film Festival, Venice, CA

The film has also been named an Official Selection in the following film festivals: 2012 Wild & Scenic Film Festival, Nevada City, CA; Berkshire International Film Festival; Brattleboro International Women's Film Festival; Citizen Jane Festival; Cine Montana; Bend Film Fest; Los Angeles International Film Festival; Voices From the Waters International Film Festival, Bangalore, India; POW Fest, Portland, OR; and the Sedona International Film Festival, Sedona, AZ.

About the Boston International Film Festival

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About the Work of 1000 Civic Engagement Program

Marion Stoddart's campaign to clean up the Nashua River shows us that determined individuals can make real and lasting change. The Work of 1000 Civic Engagement Program shares her compelling story, passion, and process–via film and discussion—to empower others to act. Marion made a difference. So can you. To learn more about the film and how you can screen it in your boardroom, school or community, visit